1. wow you give the people the evidence and they still disbelieve
  2. you have experts telling you the dust particles have trace thermite in it but they still dont believe.
  3. you show them a plane crashing into a building and its nose miraculously appears out the other side of the building without damage they still don't believe something is wrong.
  4. a steel building falls at free fall but is untouched by any planes you still dont believe..
  5. the most guarded building in the world The Pentagon has a plane hit it but there is no plane left because it evaporated on impact you believe that story.
  6. all the security cameras cant show you a plane hitting the Pentagon but you believe it did all the same.
  7. pilots tell you those big planes cant make those kind of manouveres so low down but you dont want to hear that!!
  8. remain asleep at your own risk is all i can say to anyone who thinks 9/11 was done by osama and a bunch of guys that could'nt fly planes very well as reported by their instructor.

Posted by GT at 06 Aug 2016, 01:41:16 CET
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